ISDF (International Stock Dog Joint Federation) has been formed as an organization whose mission is to “encourage and advance the concept and provision of stock dogs worldwide as a means of supreme herding and protection aid.”

ISDF has two circles for its operations.

Inner Circle is composed from Federations, governmental and quasi-governmental institutions and Outer Circle is composed from Associations and corporate/individual sponsors.

Application for membership can be submitted by individual Federations, Associations or other applicable institutions anytime. These applications will be reviewed on case by case basis by the Supreme Board of the ISDF.

“As ISDF, we have met or exceeded our guidelines for appropriate standards and practices,” says the Federation’s Executive Director. “Membership enables us to interact and exchange information with Federations and Associations around the world. Plus, we have the added resource of directly working within our member network to exchange breeding stock, puppies, and frozen semen through our Research & Development program. Our members have learned from the other fellow members on ways to improve our program to better serve their consumers.”

Guidelines for Appropriate Practices

The ISDF mandates that its members to meet certain standards and guidelines in numerous operational areas. There are requirements regarding administrative services, buildings and resources, funding, publicity, canine breeding, puppy development, veterinary care, animal welfare, guide dog assessment, dog training, field services, applicant selection, student training, graduate services, staff recruitment and retention, and staff training and development.

Assessments and Accreditation

The ISDF’s evaluations of our members are known as Assessments, and they are conducted by specially designated Federation Assessors. Assessors must have certain educational and professional qualifications, as well as specific work experience, skills, and abilities. Most have moved through the ranks at trials or training facilities, oftentimes starting through the ranks in a dog training capacity.

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